20. Sept. — 5. Oct. 2002

On the occasion of plan02, the first agency for Baumscheiben was opened:

The Baumscheibe Bureau promotes the multiplication of the functional sculptures designed by Ute Reeh – in the Cologne area and worldwide. The artist from Düsseldorf has intended her “landscape furniture” for the use in parks as well as landscape and private gardens. Baumscheiben invite the visitor to lie down and regard, alone or with company, passing time and contemplating. A first Baumscheibe is accomplished at Wülfrath as part of the Euroga 2002+ festival.
Reeh’s work is focused on interventions and sculptures in the public and private space. She attributes a decisive role to the physical dimension introduced by the use of her objects. The Baumscheibe with its yielding pink surface also resembles organic matter. And its use serves the body: it is made for resting and looking.

The project participants have established the joint venture Baumscheibenbüro Köln (Baumscheibe Bureau Cologne) to bring together art lovers, landscape designers, public and private clients, sponsors and producers. Ute Reeh’s partners were Galerie Borgmann Nathusius and Büro Sabine Voggenreiter, the manufacturer is Pininfarina. The Baumscheiben Bureau was equipped with furniture classics from the tecta collection.
plan project supported this action as a contribution to the programme plan-a: projects on the topic Art and Architecture.

On 27 and 30 September and 2 October 2002, on the initiative of Ute Reeh, Nina Borgmann, Caroline Nathusius, Sabine Voggenreiter and Kay von Keitz, the Baumscheiben project was discussed in the bureau. New ideas and suggestions, questions and remarks, but also concrete location proposals for Cologne contributed to the further development of the project and were included in the planning of the following steps.

The participants in the talks: Lukas Baumewerd (architect), Dr. Winfried Gellner (art consultant at the cultural office Cologne), Ulrike Groos (director of the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf), Simon Hubacher (Hubacher + Neubig architects and urban designers), Kathrin Luz (Neumann + Luz communication), Anne Luise Müller (supervisor at the town planning office Cologne), Jörg Neubig (Hubacher + Neubig), Claudia Neumann (Neumann + Luz), Sabine Oelze (cultural journalist), Judith Ruzicka (art2b – art to business), Johannes Schilling (Schilling architects), Maria Anna Tappeiner (art journalist und free trustee), Christel Wester (cultural journalist).

Galerie Borgmann Nathusius
Moltkestr. 32
50674 Köln
phone +49-221-2718600